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This Website is about pets where pet lovers can upload their pet’s photos and Description about them like their breed, Digit and etc.
Firstly, the pet lovers have to upload their pet’s photos and describe their pet’s habit, nature, why they love their pets and what is the unique about them. Owners can share the feelings and comments about their pets. Other user also can comment and ask question about other user’s post.
In the web site our main aim is to spread the awareness of loving and taking care of their pets. Many times we often see that owners don’t know how to take care of their pets. Owner can also describe daily routine of our pets in our website so other can follow the comments and keep their pet healthy. Users can also share how to maintain their pets by describing methods and process.
The owner should also keep in mind that they should not make any abusive terms regarding pets
Our main aim to build this web site is to protect the pet in the London and also spread the awareness of care and love.

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